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Please Note that we do require 24 hours notice for cancellation of lessons.   Students are still responsible for payment of missed lessons if proper notice is not given. 
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Appointments can be booked up to 2 weeks out and 24 hours prior.  Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations.  Clients will be required to pay for lessons canceled within 24 hours prior to scheduling a new lesson.  Please talk with an instructor prior to adding into an existing group or adding a group consisting of more than two people. 

Whether your goal is horse showing or being able to control a horse out on the trails, we can help you reach it.  Lessons at Zephyr's Way Stable are either taught privately or in groups of two to four.  This allows for more individual attention, and for a better learning experience than the large group lessons.  A signed liability release is required. 

Caitlin Ashton

Hunter/Jumper lessons are taught by ARIA certified instructor Caitlin Ashton.  Caitlin grew up riding in the Richmond area, and was very active in 4H.  She began her education at Virginia Intermont College studying Equine Management and Business.  She finished with a BS in Animal Science at Virginia Tech in 2009.  She received her instructor's certification in 2008 from ARIA, specializing in Hunter/Jumper and Stable Management.  She enjoys teaching her students how to become successful with their horses, and rehabs and retrains rescue horses in her spare time.

Rebecca Firth

Rebecca Firth began riding at a very young age.  Her teaching methods reflect her great understanding of the horse from a training aspect.  She works with her students to ensure that they are communicating in an effective way, in which the horse will respond positively and perform as well as possible.  She has competed through Third Level Dressage, and has shown many Arabians in the Sport Horse Arena, including taking some to Sport Horse Nationals.  Below is a personal note from Rebecca reflecting her training and teaching methods! 
"I began riding at the tender age of 7.  From the beginning I was taught how to be an effective rider--no discipline, no box, no external pressure, to just be effective, keep myself out of the way, and to communicate.  Throughout my extensive career, I have witnessed many situations where there was a lack of communication, a simple misunderstanding, which led to frustration.  I will say it's hard, it's painful, but at the same time it can be so rewarding.  You just have to learn to be responsible for yourself, and let your horse find its own balance.  You can help, but you can't find it for them.  You can offer a guideline and encourage your horse to take it.  You can be forgiving, but at the same time you need be black and white.  Horses don't understand grey areas.  From my foundation, I've learned that, as a rider,t it's all about being responsible for you, staying out of your horses way, and being a guidance and not a hindrance.  Grow as a unit and not independent, and Most of all Communicate.  It's my goal to offer what I have learned, to share my knowledge, and to help people and their horses grow." 

Katie Roberts
Katie began riding at age 7.  She competed in the local shows and began teaching in 2011.  Katie attended Hollins University and rode with their riding team.  She continues to learn from her own horse and believes that every horse has something to teach us.  She encourages all students to also take a humble approach to interacting with horses.  Katie is a very patient teacher and a favorite of our younger students!

2018 Pricing Information

One Hour Private: $55
Half Hour Private: $35
Group Lesson (Two-Eight People): $40 per person
Lesson Package (Ten Private Lessons): $500
Lesson Package (Ten Group Lessons): $360
Horse Camp: $400
Local Horse Show $100
Half Lease: $275 per month
Full Lease: $600 per month
Theory Classes: $25

Pricing Information, Fliers, and Forms can be mailed upon request.


2018 Camp Information Is Here!

Our 2018 Spring Break Camp is coming up soon!  This camp will be held over spring break from April 2nd-6th and is held from 9:00-5:00.  Please email or message for more information!  Camp Flyers and Registration Forms are listed below. 

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